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Experience comfort and convenience at its finest in Olongapo City

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Who we are

At Luna Prime Hub & Inn, we believe that your stay should be comfortable and convenient. That's why we have designed our hotel with modern and stylish rooms that are equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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Reminder & House Rules


Full payment upon check in plus additional of a refundable SECURITY DEPOSIT (depending of the no. of nights). You may settle in cash or via Gcash with receipt and Bank transfer with email confirmation.


Guest must present a 1 valid ID and fill out information sheet upon arrival. CHECK IN TIME 1400H CHECK OUT TIME: 1200H

Pencil Booking

Pencil booking or non-Guaranteed reservation will be released after 6:00pm on the BOOKING DATE unless otherwise specified, subject to room availability. The room will remain open for other bookings.


Cancelation policies apply if guaranteed reservation is cancelled 7 days prior to arrival.

No Smoking | Vape | e-cigs

NO SMOKING inside the room or the hallway. A dedicated smoking area is provided in the balcony. A penalty of five thousand Pesos (5,000.000) will be charge is there’s any indication that you smoke in prohibited areas. Also to avoid unnecessary fire alarm, please open the window when cooking inside the room.

No loud noises

We ask that you respect the tranquility of our neighbors by refraining from making loud noises during your stay.

Walk-in additional guests

Rooms are for the agreed and paid number of person only, visitors are allowed until 10pm only. If Guest stays beyond, an extra person charge and other charges may apply Requested amenities are subject to availability and charge separately. Charges will apply if Guest Request for Extra Bed , pillow, linens , pillowcase, etc.

No illegal activities

Any ILLEGAL activities in the room such as GAMBLING, DRUG SESSIONS, and the lik are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Secured Parking

Complimentary parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Only 1 small pet per room

Only small pets are allowed with additional fee of 200.00 pesos.

Property Damage and loss

We stricly prohibits the removal of items from guest rooms or their relocation to other parts of establishment. Any violation of this policy will result in charges beinglevied against the guest for any property damages incurred. It is expected that guests will take good care of all equipment and furniture provided in their rooms and prevent any damage to them. Guest will be held liable for any damage or loss of equipment of furniture within their rooms, up to the cost of repair or replacement. This includes any unwashable stains, rips or tears on linens or towels, which will be charged to the guest's bill accordingly.

Default Pass key

Default Passkey must be change in . Only you must know the passkey. The Management and staff will not be held liable if any damage or loss occur with your personal belongings.